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Internal Department

Internal Department

Dove Gospel - Network

Arts & Media under the Dove Gospel – Studio umbrella servers as a primary creation, distribution, and management team for the purpose of creating visual media, photography, videos and the maintaining of a production standard for all Dove Gospel online activities.

Department Overview:

Arts & Media provides inter-department connectivity of content creation in order to assume a global presence under a unified front within the public scope of our network. As part of it’s overview this department provides to our partners and subsidaries additional support and while dependent on circumstance, at cost. 

Department Outline:

Maintaining the standard required for Dove Gospel – Network, Dove Gospel – Arts/Media works hand in hand with the studio as it’s umbrella in order to achieve: 

  • Corporate Signage 
  • Visual/Transparent Designs
  • Vector/Assets
  • Inter-Department support for Image Branding

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